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Here are some groups and organisations that can help with funding matters and development for sporting and community projects:

OneFamily Foundation
Runs two rounds of awards each year, handing out several awards of £5,000 and £25,000. They are available to apply for every year - customers nominate causes they think would improve their community and there is a public vote to decide which projects are funded. These can be of benefit to local sports teams and clubs, for example buying new equipment or refurbishing facilities

Sport England funding
Sport England has a range of funding streams open to a wide range of organisations. These include sports clubs, voluntary or community organisations, local authorities, schools, colleges and universities

North Yorkshire Sport
North Yorkshire Sport recognise that Finance and Funding is a vital aspect for any club or organisation and the current economic climate has made the environment even more challenging. We know that finding funding is a difficult and time-consuming task and can often become a barrier to clubs, and participants so we hope the information included within this section of our website can help to point you in the right direction.

Funding your group - Harrogate and District Community Action
Fundraising is an essential activity for all charities, clubs or community projects. There are a number of ways to fundraise or generate income for your cause:

  • community fundraising, for example, hosting or attending a fundraising event, taking part in a sponsored race
  • collecting regular or one-off donations from individuals who support your cause, for example, this might include online donations or face to face collections
  • major donor fundraising. This is when a few supporters who feel passionately about your cause give a large amount of money
  • legacy fundraising. This is when a supporter leaves a gift to your charity in their will
  • writing to trusts and foundations or making formal grant applications
  • building partnerships with businesses who provide financial or in kind support
  • funding contracts with public sector bodies
  • generating income by charging for services, membership or products

Most groups do not carry out all of these activities but instead focus on the two or three which they are most likely to be successful with. For example, a community art group with lots of members might fundraise through a membership fee and an annual art exhibition. Whereas a charity supporting carers might hold a public sector contract, apply for grants and receive legacies. It is important to raise funds from a variety of different sources in order to ensure your group remains sustainable.

How we can help

If you'd like to discuss any kind of development project with our sports development team - from widening participation to working with other groups or applying for funds to develop facilities - complete our pre-meeting questionnaire to help us identify your needs.

You may find the following project planning guide useful.

  • are you a sports club, school, village hall or parish council?
  • do you have a good idea for a new activity or facility?
  • do you need support and advice on planning this new project?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then contact us to guide you through the project maze!

Before you start, please check that your group has the following pieces of information already. This information is needed to proceed.

  • an up to date constitution or set of rules
    To show the name, aim and objectives of the group. To verify dates, the election of officers, membership and asset plan. Please contact us if you need a sample constitution.
  • bank account(s)
    With two official signatories to show monies held in an account under the organisation's name.
  • set of annual accounts
    Approved, signed and dated to show your income and costs.
  • proof of land and/or facility ownership (if applicable)
    To show security and length of tenure under the organisation's name.

In order to maximise your chance of choosing and developing a successful project, there are a number of steps that we would recommend that you take.

  1. Overall project aim
    Clear explanation of the idea. How much money? Realistic?
  2. Evidence of need
    Shown by village or customer survey and/or building condition statement. Support from the parish, district, county council/lors. Letters of support from local groups.
  3. Technical design
    Do you need to employ professional to help with design? Architect, a quantity surveyor.
  4. Budgeting
    Each element of design to give capital costs. Estimate of annual running costs and income - five years.
  5. Funding
    Where will the funds come from, for instance, a fund-raising plan, own monies, in-kind contribution, grants etc.
  6. Background
    Overview of the organisation who you are and what you do.
  7. Management
    Who will be responsible for overseeing the project? Have they got the skills? Do they need any training?
  8. Monitoring
    What and when the project will be monitored.
  9. Business plan or sports development plan (sports clubs)
    This document lays out all the areas listed above explaining ... why the project is needed, how it will work, how it will be managed, what the people will gain, how achievements will be measured and how funded, and why the group should carry out the project.
  10. Club accreditation (sports clubs)
    In most instances, if you are a sports club and are looking for applying for funding or require your National Governing Bodies support they will require you to either be an accredited club in advance of your application or demonstrate a commitment to be working towards. For further information please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage in your project with any queries you may have.

To arrange to discuss your project, please contact sports development by emailing