Active health scheme

We know that getting active can be a challenge and you may need some extra support. This is where our active health scheme can help. It is an accessible service for adults who would benefit from a structured physical activity programme in a safe, supervised environment. The scheme will support you to make lifestyle changes, especially if you have a limiting lifelong illness. The scheme will support your long-term participation in regular physical activity through goal setting and developing confidence, therefore, improving your mental, social and physical wellbeing.

The active health scheme is intended for people:

  • living within the Harrogate district
  • aged 18 years or above
  • who have low to moderate risk health conditions
  • who have severe coronary heart disease or early post-myocardial infarction/coronary artery bypass graft/angioplasty (cardiac rehab classes only)
  • who have mild to moderate mental health problems (for example, depression, anxiety or stress)
  • who have diabetes type one and two
  • who have post physiotherapy musculoskeletal conditions (for example, knee, hip, shoulder)

If you think you may be eligible, please contact us or talk to a member of your healthcare team.

The medical professional will send a referral letter to the active health team. You will then shortly receive a phone call or letter inviting you to make an initial appointment with an exercise referral officer.

If you feel you meet the criteria, you can self-refer using our online referral form here.

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