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At Little Explorers Day Nursery we passionately believe all children are entitled to the very best in early year's education, and we provide a creative, holistic, family centred environment to achieve this.

As a small nursery, we recognise every child is unique, and we use this to create a strong bond between the nursery, you and your child. Only by working together do we ensure your child will grow and develop in confidence, discover their own ways of learning, and have a freedom to explore their surroundings in ways that enable them to develop as an Individual.

We pride ourselves in offering a setting that encourages creativity, ignites the imagination, embraces diversity, and supports independence for young people. Our child-centred approach to learning means each child develops in their own way, at their own pace and only when they are ready. We believe in providing a natural, homely, environment, which recognises technology but isn't reliant upon it, and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Not only do we want to help develop our future generations but to also do what we can to protect the world that they live in.

When you visit us you will see and experience for yourself, our warm and friendly welcome, from a committed and knowledgeable staff team, surrounded by the confident, happy and caring children in our setting. With your support, we will ensure your child has the very best start during their early years and create a learner for life.

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Children can begin their adventure at Little Explorers Day Nursery from three months to five years old. Our homely nursery setting consists of three different age groups:

  • the baby room caters for children from three months old, creating a safe and engaging environment to support each child's development before transitioning through to the toddler room which is usually around two years of age
  • the toddlers and pre-school children share an open space with many resources to encourage their creativity and imagination. This enables the children to be at the centre of their own learning and development journey

Each room works closely together to share learning environments which ensure transitions between rooms are a smooth and natural process.

We ensure children are able to access all areas of provision at Little Explorers regardless of the weather. This is because we value outdoor play as a very important part of a child's healthy development. The outdoor area creates learning opportunities for the children to explore through the gravel pit, musical equipment, mud kitchen, sand and water, construction materials and much more. We enhance every learning environment to support each child's interests.

Here at Little Explorers, we value the importance of working in partnership with parents. The nursery aims to support the whole family and develop open and friendly relationships. We offer an open door policy and you are welcome to visit the nursery at any time.

We encourage information sharing as this helps us to provide activities to support your child's interests and as we help them achieve the next steps in their development.

You will have access to your child’s records through our online learning journals on Tapestry and will be able to add observations from home which creates a lovely, holistic learning journal.

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Our early years setting is open 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday for 51 weeks of the year. Children can attend nursery for full days, morning sessions (from 8am until 1pm) or afternoon sessions (from 1pm until 6pm). During these times snacks and meals are prepared for the children. These are all home-cooked meals made within the setting.

Swimming lessons are also available for three and four year olds during term time at The Hydro.

Further information and policies

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