Disability sport

At Brimhams Active we believe everyone should have the chance to take part in sport, whatever their ability. That's why we're dedicated to improving access to sport and physical activity for all disabled people in the district.

For a list of local sports clubs that have identified themselves as being inclusive please take a look at our disability activity planner and list of accessible sports activities.

If you or your sports club want to undertake training on making sure your club is more inclusive, register on our coaches database at North Yorkshire Sport and indicate your interest in this type of coach education. We'll contact you when a relevant course is scheduled.

For more information on disability sport, please visit:

Disability swimming lessons

Our weekly 'star scheme' swimming lessons run at the Hydro for children with special educational needs, disabilities or if they find mainstream provision too challenging.

Red Stars (helpers in the water) - children gain water confidence and familiarisation with the environment

Orange Stars (helpers in the water) - children begin to learn a variety of water skills and the four swimming strokes are introduced

Yellow Stars - children gain deep water confidence and work on their stroke technique

Green Stars - children focus on stroke development, technique and water safety

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Diveability diving lessons run at the Hydro for children with disabilities and special educational needs. They provide a fun introduction to diving and then an opportunity to progress diving skills.

Diving pathway

  • level one - an introduction to basic jumps and rolls from the poolside and one-metre board
  • level two - divers will progress on to jumps in more complex shapes (tuck and pike) and simple dives (pike fall) from the poolside and one-metre board
  • level three - divers will learn to jump from the three-metre board, develop a back dive from the poolside and start to learn rotations in different directions
  • level four - divers will be introduced to a basic falling dive from the three-metre board and jump with arm swings from the poolside and three-metre board
  • level five - divers will begin to learn the technique required to correctly time a simple rotation from the poolside and a rolling dive from the three-metre board
  • level six - divers will be able to perform dives in the forward, inward and backward directions from the three-metre springboard. They will also learn to complete falling dives from the three-metre springboard and enhance skills from the poolside
  • level seven - divers learn dives in the pike position on the three-metre springboard and the tuck position on the three-metre springboard, and a forward somersault from the one metre. After this level children will be ready to compete and can move to the diving squad

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